Age discrimination at work is against the law.

"...Older workers find themselves disadvantaged in their efforts to retain employment...the setting of arbitrary age limits regardless of potential for job performance has become a common practice...their numbers are great and growing...Their employment problems grave..."

- United States Congress, 1967

As a worker over 40 years of age, you don't have to stand idle in the face of age discrimination. Age discrimination is not only against the law; it is illogical. Scientific research indicates that chronological age alone is a poor indicator of ability to perform a job. The basic research in the field of aging has established that there is a wide range of individual physical ability regardless of age.

You have rights. We are an experienced, aggressive law firm concerned with the employment rights of older workers. We'll help you fight the age discrimination you experienced at work.

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Please be advised that we only accept cases arising in California. If you worked in another state at the time of the discrimination, you should contact a lawyer in that state.

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